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The Course

The programs run from 6 to 8 weeks.

We believe that students provide the talent; we provide the instruction, equipment and infrastructure. It is the students' drive and creative ability that carries them forward. We provide students with the opportunity to learn directing by doing just that - directing.

Students are challenged to make creative decisions that in some way, great or small contribute to the drama of their films.

The program is divided between hands-on instruction in class and short film projects. Students shoot the film and the editing is done on a digital editing system.

Classes include still camera, scriptwriting, directing, video camera and lighting, production and editing.

Practicals follow each week of theory. On completing the production and postproduction, students screen their work for their classmates and instructors and engage in critiques and discussion.

To get more details on applying for our batch starting September 3rd 2013, please write to admissions.

Still Camera

Many a time, when the scenery looks so beautiful, when you can see the last circle of the orange sun, just before the brilliant sunset, or the river is so blue, or the children are looking so pretty in the afternoon sun, the trees are shimmering in the moonlight, or when the streets are littered with plastic bags.

You click a photograph... it goes for developing and printing, you wait anxiously for your award winning photograph to arrive, having already decided where you will put it up and you can already hear the praises it begets. You might even get it published in a book! After all, it was such a lovely sunset, such a beautiful river ….

Your prints are back, you open the packet impatiently…. You turn photograph after photograph… somehow, none of them seem to have captured the magic of the moment. The orange rim of the setting sun is nonexistent, the blue river is reflecting too much light and looks anything but blue, the pretty children, well you can hardly see their faces, its much too bright…. The list is endless..

“…where did I go wrong, what could it be….” And so the night passes and the next morning dawns clear holding the promise of a better day.

All film is an illusion of movement. To master this "magic of motion" we first need to learn adept handling of a single frame. The SLR weaves meanings hither to unknown into the picture.


A good director is essentially a good storyteller. The key word in every director’s dictionary is “Perception”.

Perceive and make the audience perceive. A director’s primary job is to give a point of view.

Every time you read a story or listen to a story, your mind as a director begins to interpret it in a certain way.. Ideas come naturally to all of us but whether we are able to express them in their totality remains debatable. Try telling a story to a friend and watch the expressions on his face carefully. Is he able to picture it the way you want him to? Is he reacting accordingly?

The ability to make all the elements of cinema converge in order to bring the central idea of a film into sharp focus defines a good director.

Students are taught the language of filmmaking and the director's craft as applied to the digital format. Aspects of mise-en-scene, visual story telling, continuity, style, directing actors and writing visually are essential to the director's palette.

Video Camera

The world is your canvas, paint it my friend…
Paint it to make me see the winter, with all the bare trees laden with snow, and the little match-girl freezing under her threadbare blanket, lighting match after match to keep herself warm.

Paint it so I can see the myriad colours of autumn as the forests fill with the reds and oranges of the day...

Paint it so I can see the joy on the face of a girl as she feels the sand slip through her fingers…

Paint it to show me the dark depths of despair that a man feels when he is unable to save his faithful dog from drowning…

Paint it to show me the fine lines round the corners of my beloved’s eyes…

Paint it so I can feel your tears when Grandma died…

Learn to use the camera to leave a lasting impression, learn to talk with it, to show the world a point of view, one which supports your conviction in the story.

The power of the camera lies in its ability to translate an idea into a picture.

Hands-on video camera and Lighting Classes will help students master the digital medium including composition, shutter speed, focus, filters using a digital camera.


Students will learn to "capture" their digital footage into the editing system. Creating a time line, inserting footage, special effects, and building soundtrack are among the subjects that will be covered.

The Instructor will be on hand to consult with students on creative ad technical aspects of their individual projects throughout the editing process.

Sound Recording

Have you ever wondered why a suburban railway station ‘sounds’ different from the city railway station? Why the village ‘sounds’ different from the city? How you feel you are back home in Kerala when you are actually in Miami?

We make connections with places. Visual connections, yes, but audio connections too. Maybe Miami has a lot of palm trees. So do the beaches in Kerala. The sound of the wind rustling through the Kerala trees and Miami trees is the same. And you are suddenly homesick.

The sound may sometimes make you feel terrified.

“… the loud thunder claps, the deafening rumble of thunder, the rain is lashing incessantly on the window panes, the doors are rattling, you can’t see beyond the bonnet of your car. Any moment now the windows will shatter, and the fury of God will be unleashed upon you. You’re praying.. to whichever God you can think of… and then you open your eyes…. and mute your remote. You’re safe again…”

The cumulative effect of sound effects and music, is perhaps unbeatable!

Students learn to get professional quality sound for their projects with microphones and accessories.


"Moments of moment create momentum"

I have always wondered what would happen if cats could fly?

What if I could ‘mute’ my spouse? Only for one day…

I wish I could speak every language in the world…, …converse with the bees, the birds, the dolphins, the snakes…

Some of the best scripts of the best movies have started out with premises like these.

You can make your audience believe everything you say in your movie!

They will then cry with your characters, feel the pangs of anguish, and smile with you.

Herein lies the secret of successful scripting.

And mind you, there can never be an excellent film without an excellent script.

Something like the woman behind a successful man!!

Juxtaposing a person with an environment that is boundless, collating him with a countless number of people passing by close to him and far away, relating a person to the whole world, that is the meaning of cinema.

Andrei Tarkovsky